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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates recently due to a technical issue. However all resolved and more changes to come over the next few weeks.

Shame about the FAAM situation but there are talks to be held so we will say no more about that at the moment.

Date for next years show will be 26th Feb so i will be talking to all concerned very soon.

We were able from this years show to donate to Little Bridge House in Fremington (look them up and see all the great work they do with kids). we asked what the kids would like for a gift instead of just giving some cash, so we purchased an XBOX with games etc and an IPOD touch with speakers for them to enjoy. we could not do this without the sponsorship we receive, the clubs who attend the show and of course all the people who come and pay to look at everyone fantastic models, so a big thank you to you all.

See you all at Thornbury on the 7th.